Council candidates report on campaign spending

The first quarter campaign fundraising reports for Maricopa City Council candidates have been filed, and Vice Mayor Vincent Manfredi is leading the pack in fundraising with more than $10,000 to date.

Only one of the four incumbent candidates for Maricopa City Council has raised funds for re-election, according to first-quarter campaign finance reports.

Vice Mayor Vincent Manfredi spent more money than the other three candidates combined in the first quarter of this year, the documents show.

Manfredi, who is seeking a third term on city council, had $10,652.02 in his campaign coffers, including a personal contribution of $5,000 and a personal loan of $5,000. He spent $8,309.56 of those funds in the first quarter.

Council member Rich Vitiello, also seeking a third term, had a total of $2,182, all from personal funds. He had campaign expenses of the same amount.

Candidate Adam Leach shelled out $1,679 in the first quarter, all from personal funds.

Henry Wade, the third incumbent council member to seek re-election, did not file a campaign finance report because he said he had not met the $500 contribution threshold to require reports financial.

The four candidates will face off in the Aug. 2 primary for three council seats. Any candidate who gets 50% plus one vote of the tallies will be elected and avoid running in the November general election. A second round will take place on November 8 among all the candidates who do not obtain 50% of the votes.


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