Veteran launches fundraising campaigns for local nonprofits

Crystal Store Hosts Mad Hatter’s Tea Party as First Community Fundraising Event at National Harbor

Our fundraising partnerships are how Faith2Felicity supports and contributes to community organizations that build morale and meet the needs of at-risk populations through their programs.

—Toni Tomlin

OXON HILL, MD, UNITED STATES, June 23, 2022 / — Faith2Felicity, a lifestyle and jewelry brand that offers crystals and energy healing clearing products, is launching its purposeful partnership campaign esteemed non-profit entitled ‘Feel-Good | Doing Good’.

Well-being | The Do-Good Campaign is a philanthropic program created by Toni Tomlin, Founder/CEO, to support the local community by providing fundraising opportunities to help them increase visibility and raise funds for their programs. “Giving back is one of our core values ​​and being able to support those who support the community is paramount to us,” says Founder and CEO Toni Tomlin. “The past few years have been emotionally draining on so many levels for everyone, our Feel-Good | Do-Good Non-Profit Partnerships is our way of supporting the community that provides solutions to boost morale and alleviate some of the challenges faced by at-risk communities.

Toni Tomlin, a retired and disabled Navy veteran, launched Faith2Felicity into the e-commerce space during the COVID-19 pandemic after feeling the positive impact of crystals and energy healing. After a series of adversities over a relatively short period of time (a bitter divorce, the unexpected loss of her mother, an accident that nearly killed her son, and PTSD from military service), she fell into a state of depression with debilitating anxiety. Once she started working with materials like amethyst, tiger’s eye, and other crystals to make jewelry, she felt positive shifts in her energy that were soothing and therapeutic. She credits this experience with bringing her back from a place of emotional despair. Armed with knowledge and a testimonial about energy healing using stones, she made and sent jewelry to friends and family and shared the story of her journey with others in need. a boost of motivation.

In October 2021, Toni Tomlin opened her first “Crystal Café by Faith2Felicity” outlet at the National Harbor, a vibrant waterfront neighborhood in the Washington DC metro area. This beautiful crystal boutique offers customers handcrafted jewelry and a range of products designed with positive energy and inspirational messages to ignite and maintain faith, hope and optimism. Customers can also visit their GemBar to manually select their beads, embellishments and charms to create a custom design on the spot and attend one of their “Sip & String” parties.

The Mad Hatter Fascinators and Fedora Tea Party will take place on Sunday, June 26 from 6-9 p.m. at Faith2Felicity’s Crystal Café in National Harbor, MD. Door prizes, games, treats, crucial conversations and of course a wonderful range of herbal teas to raise funds for the Youth EmpowerMe Foundation will be offered. Tickets for The Mad Hatters Fascinators and Fedora Tea Party are $25 per person and can be purchased online at

Organizations interested in participating in the Feel-Good, Do-Good fundraising campaign should contact Toni Tomlin at [email protected]

About Faith2Felicity:
Faith2Felicity is a lifestyle brand that supports your journey with a range of products designed with positive energy and inspirational messages to ignite and sustain faith, hope and optimism. Our beautiful jewelry and carefully selected products are designed to enhance your self-esteem and unique needs with a reminder of your intentions for love, success, peace or good health. Faith2Felicity is proud to be a small business owned by a Black woman and a disabled veteran. Visit

About Youth EmpowerMe Foundation:
Youth EmpowerMe Foundation, Inc. is a 501c3 committed to empowering youth and families by providing mentorship, conferences, seminars, resources, and events focused on social and life skills. YEMF was created to empower parents and young people by allowing them to participate TOGETHER in sessions, activities and events! The first virtual EmpowerHer EmpowerMe Mother Daughter Summit was launched in June 2020 to meet the social and emotional needs of mothers and daughters during the COVID19 shutdown. The 2nd Annual EmpowerHer EmpowerMe Virtual Summit also took place during the pandemic in March 2021. The foundation hosted virtual sessions on financial literacy, health and wellness, social-emotional development, character building, social entrepreneurship, leadership, decision-making and family activities and live discussions. on domestic violence prevention and personal safety.

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