Family of Benidorm tragedy victim in desperate bid to raise money to bring body home


The family of a Briton who died trying to save a dog from drowning in a river near Benidorm are desperate to raise money to bring his body back to the UK. Paul Lebihan, 25, who had been living near the Costa Blanca resort with his fiancée for around a year, was swept away underwater after rescuing the distressed animal.

His heartbroken family said they ‘could not put into words’ their devastation after Paul’s ‘selfless’ death and were trying to bring his body home. His cousin Kalym Bell, 19, said the former sailor originally went on holiday to Spain but after meeting a girl he stayed and then planned to marry her.

He said he received the heartbreaking news of Paul’s death on Monday from a family member, adding that it was typical of him to “put himself before others”. He is now helping Paul’s grief-stricken parents, Deborah and Paul Snr, raise the £15,000 needed to bring the body of their only son back to the UK.

Kalym from Gateshead, Tyne and Wear explained that the circumstances surrounding Paul’s death were still a bit unclear. He said: ‘It’s unclear if it was his dog or a dog – but there was a dog that was drowning in the current.

“He jumped out and saved the dog, but he got pulled out from under him and ended up drowning. To his parents, it’s just indescribable how much it takes to lose his son at 25 , while he is also his only son.

Former Royal Navy sailor Paul was a keen boxer, and Kalym said former friends were now in ‘shock’ at the loss of the beloved young man at such a young age. age. A donations page is hoping to raise £15,000 so his parents can bring Paul’s body back to Gateshead.

Paul Lebihan, 25, had been living near the Costa Blanca resort with his fiancée for about a year

He has already raised nearly half that amount in 24 hours. Kalym said: ‘There are additional costs for bringing his body back to the UK and for the funeral itself. There was no life insurance in place and transporting the body to England is very, very expensive.

“I didn’t want a burden on his mum, having to shell out thousands and thousands of pounds while already grieving the death of her young son. But we raised £7,000 in less than 24 hours which shows you how loved he was and how popular he was everywhere you go, people knew him and loved him.

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