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I am Ben Moricette, a humble supporter of H3Kidz and a dear friend of Mrs. Margarette St Fort Vernet and Dr. Elisabeth, founding members of the organization.

H3Kidz was founded by Mrs. Margarette St Fort Vernet and Dr. Elisabeth to meet the needs of families in HOPE village and surrounding areas, with a focus on young people. HOPE village is located in the commune of Croix des Bouquets. This area is mainly affected by the gang violence that has plagued Port-au-Prince for many years. Every day people are assaulted, beaten, raped, kidnapped and killed. Families live in fear and children are afraid to go to school. H3Kidz partners with HOPE village administrators to implement a school project in the village to facilitate access to school in a safe and supportive learning environment. Access will be made available not only to children in the village but also to those living in the immediate vicinity. H3Kidz is passionate about these children and believes they are the hope for a better future for Haiti.

Ms. Margarette St Fort Vernet, is a health worker who has served Haiti in various capacities such as hospital administrator, deputy director of health and nurse. She has also worked with at-risk youth. Serving others is her vocation and her goal. With support from HOPE Worldwide, Food for the Poor, and diligent individual donors such as Anael Hyppolite and others, HOPE Village was built for families affected by the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. These families have gone from tents to beautiful new two-bedroom houses. Margarette served the villagers as a volunteer for several years and as the national coordinator of HOPE Haiti from 2016 to 2018, coordinating different charitable activities in Haiti.

Dr Elisabeth and her husband first met Margarette in 2018 while planning an outpatient eye clinic for the village. Along with 2 other Church members from Duluth, MN, they fell in love with Haiti and the village. They all pledged to continue helping the village by donating for food, back-to-school fees, and collecting Christmas toys. To better support Margarette’s work in Haiti, Dr. Elisabeth along with many incredible and talented partners, contributors and current board members helped her create H3Kidz.

H3Kidz pledged to pay $80,000 (USD).

The funds will be distributed as follows:

School staff (kindergarten – primary) – 42%

School Food Program (Breakfast and Lunch) – 28%

School supplies and resources (kindergarten – primary) – 15%

Internal and external school infrastructure (i.e. classroom furniture, school fencing, etc.) – 15%

We humbly ask for your help to pledge an amount of your choice that will remind these families that there are people who care about lighting a path to hope. Please visit us at https://h3kidz.org/

“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all the darkness.

– Bishop Desmond Tutu.

Computer sessions – summer courses at the HOPE village

HOPE Village Health Fair

HOPE Village Christmas Party

Village of HOPE


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