Levin and Maryott Lead Fundraiser for 49th Congressional District Race


Rep. Mike Levin leads fundraising in his re-election bid in the 49th congressional district with nearly $3 million in campaign contributions, followed by his last-election opponent Brian Maryott with more than 2 millions of dollars.

The June primary on Tuesday will decide the two candidates for the November general election.

Levin, D-San Juan Capistrano, first won the job in 2018 and is challenged by a group of six Republicans vying for the seat in what political observers say is a possible swing district. He brought in $2,912,409 million in donations and spent $1,782,536 on his re-election campaign.

Maryott, his Republican challenger in the 2020 election, raised $2,220,291 and spent $1,349,639, suggesting donors could favor the two-time challenger in a race to unseat the Democratic incumbent. The former mayor of San Juan Capistrano lost to Levin by six percentage points in the last election, but Republicans are hoping that soaring gas prices, inflation and other issues plaguing President Joe Biden will allow their party to flip seats in Congress this term.

Oceanside board member Chris Rodriguez follows with $1,202,667 in donations and $1,024,488 in expenses. Orange County Supervisor Lisa Bartlett raised $488,963 and spent $330,664 on her campaign.

Among the other Republican candidates, Josiah O’Neil brought in $146,233, and Anne Elizabeth and Renee Taylor followed with $6,083 and $4,292 respectively. No campaign finance filings have been submitted for Democrat Nadia Smalley.

Additionally, the Congressional Leadership Fund, a super PAC dedicated to electing Republicans to the House of Representatives, spent $50,000 to oppose Levin, while Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest spent $8,216 to support his campaign. The Jobs Opportunity and Freedom Political Action Committee, a conservative PAC that supports military veterans running for office, spent $22,175 on O’Neil’s behalf.


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