Lytham In Bloom volunteers celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee at a fundraising ball


The organization of the event was led by Susan Evans, who introduced the ball to the In Bloom calendar as vice-president in 2014, the year after Lytham In Bloom was crowned the national champion of the champions of the Royal Horticultural Society Britain In Bloom, and she has continued to arrange it even after her retirement as Vice-President three years ago.

The Clifton Arms Ballroom was spectacularly decorated in silver, white and mauve for the event, which included a 22-prize raffle and an auction of eight even more lavish items, plus music and dancing led by the Ian Hooper Band. The evening ended with the singing of the national anthem followed by Auld Lang Syne.

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Rewards galore for a flourishing great effort at Lytham

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Members of the Lytham In Bloom committee at the ball. Left to right: Greg Anderton, Judith Fenton, Nicola Whitehead, Susan Evans, Kathleen Bould, Trevor Mackey.

Guests included former Lytham In Bloom chairwoman Carol Wildon, who resigned when she left the area, and Yvonne Ball, widow of Lytham-based comedian Bobby Ball.

Lytham In Bloom chairman Trevor Mackey said: “The atmosphere was electric throughout the evening and the warmth, support and appreciation for LIB’s work was clearly palpable.

“We work for the Lytham community – on this occasion the community was working for LIB.”

The event raised just over £15,000 for LIB funds, which Trevor described as “an incredible amount”.

Amon those at the ball were (left to right) Mark Gee, Julia Gee, Jenny Chalinor, Howard Livesey, Dawn Livesey

He added: “This will allow our charity great freedom to further support our environment and community and a big thank you to those who work for LIB and to our many supporters, the general public, businesses and other voluntary groups at Lytham.

Stuart Robertson, Zoe Robertson, Louise Le Saint, Qidi Whitaker, Andrew Whitaker
Amelia James, Maria Delaney, Karen Westhead, Sarah Hooper, Nicola Kitt
Wendy Bell, Rob Bell, Carol Nicholls, David Nicholls
Behind, from left to right: Ian Hooper, Terry Parkins, Jim Pennycook, John Camilleri, Sam Wood. Middle: Adele Kay, Beverley Culhane, Deni Middleton, Tony Culhane. Front: Joanne Harper, Deborah Baxter, Yvonne Ball, Tracey Lund.

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