MIP Fund Accounting makes $1 million in technology grants available to celebrate 40th anniversary


“Since our inception, MIP Fund Accounting has adapted through four decades of technological evolution to become the leading solution for nonprofits, public service organizations, government, education, and schools K -12”, said Neil Bullfighting, Director General of MIP. “We continue to serve mission-driven communities while continually evolving to meet their needs as a premier fund accounting solution. Our innovation and growth are achievements worth celebrating and we are excited to to include our customers, both long-term and new partners, on this special occasion.”

MIP Fund Accounting by Community Brands celebrates 40 years by setting aside $1 million on a first-come, first-served basis from today until June 30th as part of a technology grant to new customers. New agreements signed on or before June 30th 501(c) nonprofit organizations are eligible to receive a 20% rebate on the cost of MIP software in the form of a grant. To learn more about the details of the grant fund, visit www.mip.com/40th-anniversary.

The MIP celebration also includes a series of promotions and contests planned throughout the year. Current MIP customers receive an exclusive celebration offer via June 30th where they can choose either three months free on a new MIP Cloud subscription with a 15-month contract, or 20% off a module during the initial contract term.

Additional anniversary details will be announced on MIP’s social media sites (Twitter @MIP_FA; LinkedIn at mip-funds-accounting; Facebook @MIPbyCommunityBrands) and its newly redesigned website (www.mip.com) and the blog (www.mip.com/blog/).

The MIP began in 1982 in Houston, TX, as MIP Micro Information products. In a 40-year journey, it became the nation’s first nonprofit cloud-based SaaS fund accounting software offered by Community Brands. Navigating an assortment of mergers, acquisitions, and rebranding along the way, MIP has become a leader earning “Best Usability”, “Best Feature Set” and “Best Customer Support” from Trust Radius in 2021 and “Most Loved” in 2022. Today, more than 5,600 MIP customers, including a continuous partner for 39 years, are part of more than $1 billion raised each year through Community Brands software.

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Community Brands is the leading provider of cloud-based payment software and solutions for associations, nonprofits, and K-12 schools. Specifically for nonprofit charities and schools, the Community Brands Education and Nonprofit portfolio provides the industry’s most comprehensive set of software solutions for nonprofits and K-12 schools of all sizes. Nonprofits benefit from award-winning fund accounting and fundraising solutions specifically designed to enable them to reach and grow their impact in our communities. Coupled with a comprehensive set of K-12 solutions encompassing enrollment management, financial aid, student information systems, and digital payments, schools are empowered to raise funds and fulfill their missions. To learn more, visit communitybrands.com or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About the MIP Fund Accounting®
MIP Fund Accounting® is the gold standard for true fund accounting and a leading solution from Community Brands. As a comprehensive and configurable solution, MIP Fund Accounting enables associations, nonprofits, K-12 schools, and government entities to better fulfill their missions by providing comprehensive financial monitoring and robust fund management solutions. payroll and human resources. Organizations can make better financial decisions, track, report, manage finances, and perform financial management with greater accuracy. For more information, visit mip.com.

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