NOTICE – About tax increases and far-left fundraising event at Drake Field


AAs we are about to record probably the largest tax increase in Fayette County history, everyone knows it’s your money except the government. The government has no money.

Most taxpayer citizens realize that basic government functions and services are worth funding. If only the government had the same appreciation of taxpayers.

Our single-family residential market has been as hot as a volcano. With these highly profitable sales comes increased home values ​​and higher taxes for all of us.

Significant increase in taxes and significant inflation

The downside of the dramatic increase in home values ​​for those of us not planning to move anytime soon is a painful increase in our local taxes. Worse, we also find ourselves in the midst of a perfect consumer crisis with 1970s-style inflation (bidenflation), rising prices for everyday items like food and fuel.

Our local governments have decided to cash in on the windfall with a huge tax hike as residents batten down the hatches as the tech sector and others raise red flags about the economy.

It’s time for citizens to act

Even if our local governments vote to “reduce” the mileage rate, they will still bring in more revenue than the previous year.

This is the critical time when elected officials have the opportunity to demonstrate their management skills, financial prowess and empathy for their constituents. Will politicians turn a blind eye or realign their stance to reflect the current state of taxpayers, especially our seniors and others trying to make ends meet?

Let the people you have elected to represent you know how you feel as soon as possible this week before they vote.

Fayette County Board of Commissioners – [email protected]

Town of Peachtree – [email protected]

Fayetteville – [email protected]

School Board – [email protected]

Tyrone – [email protected]

Brooks – [email protected]

Speaking of politicians who want your money

Recent Peachtree City mayoral candidate Nick Ferrante is soliciting local money at his “Red, White and Blue Labor Day Spectacular” family event at Drake Field. He raises funds through event sponsorship for We Push Progress.

So what exactly is We Push Progress? On Facebook, Ferrante lists the organization’s web address as The website is certainly political and expresses the organization’s intention to promote “progressive” candidates and causes.

The site reads: “We stand at a crossroads as a country when it is clear that the interest of many elected officials does not align with the interest of the American people.” Further down, it says, “Join now to do your part to protect everyone’s rights”, providing boxes for all your personal information.

I would venture to say that Ferrante’s version of fairness and justice does not necessarily sit well with most Fayette County residents. So what is being described as “the biggest and most exciting family event in town” is actually a fundraiser to promote political left candidates and their campaigns in future elections.

Why wouldn’t Ferrante, a staunch supporter of Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, just promote the event as a politically motivated fundraiser for center-left candidates and far-left political causes? ?

Imagine the disappointment and frustration of local families believing they were attending a simple family fun day at the city park only to find out later that they were sponsoring a political action committee fundraiser supporting progressive politicians and political candidates. from the left.

As of this writing, We Push Progress is not listed with the Georgia Secretary of State’s office as a corporation or political action committee. Has the Peachtree City government verified Ferrante’s organization as a legitimate entity and is this event legal?

Local business sponsors need to be able to know precisely what is happening behind the curtain of We Push Progress and what political causes are being supported. Wouldn’t it be unscrupulous to present patriotic emblems (red, white and blue) and family fun to local corporate sponsors and possibly have their names later linked to some form of political activism that do not want to attribute to the company?

The greatest weapon we have to create honest and effective government is our public participation. Do your homework, vote and voice your opinions or face the consequences of your inactivity. We all need to hold the government accountable and do our research to avoid false promises and corruption.

[Brown is a former mayor of Peachtree City and served two terms on the Fayette County Board of Commissioners.]


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