The fundraising cycle ends after three days


Head of OPERATIONS at Kloof and Highway SPCA, Sarah van Heerden’s 1600 km cycle from Johannesburg to Cape Town ended, before the destination.

The aim was for van Heerden and his friend Greg Lock to travel the distance in six days to raise 100,000 rand for a spaying clinic to be held at the SPCA in October. Although the geographical goal was not reached, the public can still help the duo reach the financial goal that the cycle supported.

“The reward for this trip will not be reaching our destination but rather reaching our goal of raising R100,000,” van Heerden said, before embarking on the epic journey.

Van Heerden and Lock left Vanderbijl Park on September 18 and covered 850 km in three days, in pouring rain and freezing winds, in near-freezing temperatures. Both cyclists have spent more than a decade in the saddle with van Heerden covering this distance for the third time, while a trip of this length was a first for Lock.

Van Heerden thanked the public for their support so far and said she would provide feedback on the donations collected.

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The mobile sterilization clinic

The Kloof and Highway SPCA Sterilization Outreach Clinic, which the couple are raising funds for, is scheduled to run Oct. 3-7. The outreach clinic, strategically planned to fall during school holidays, sees the education of pet owners and children as a key aspect. and will focus on the Dassenhoek and Tshelimnyama regions.

The expected cost of the outreach clinic will be R100,000, and the process includes sending inspectors to targeted areas the week before the clinic, to distribute leaflets and engage with the community. The animals will then be transported to the SPCA premises and rabies vaccinations, inoculations, antiparasitic treatments and sterilizations will be undertaken in a marquee erected on the Kloof grounds for the duration of the clinic.

Van Heerden says: “We will have three vets working daily at the outreach clinic and we will have to pay for medical costs including anaesthetics, antibiotics and painkillers. We like to send every animal home with a blanket and a bag of food. Our goal is to treat 150 to 200 animals during the week.

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How to support the cause?

Members of the public are encouraged to donate any amount to this cause via the link on the Kloof and Highway SPCA page or bank details below. The reference ‘Ride’ or ‘Outreach’ must be used.

Kloof and Highway SPCA, First National Bank, Account Number: 50730485741, Branch Code: 221526


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